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Geographical Locations of the Alexian Brothers Congregation 
St. Alexius Province - Germany (Click to proceed to our German Brothers Official Website)

This province has houses in Aachen, Munster and Neuss. The Alexian Brothers operate psychiatric hospitals and general hospitals to provide treatment for addictions and neurologically ill, a home for physically and mentally handicapped psychiatric and neurological services, residential facilities for the elderly, rehabilitation, long-term care in group homes, and nursing homes, and a senior center for the elderly.

The Alexian Brothers of Belgium

This Alexian Brothers in this Province merged with St. Alexius Province in Germany.  The Brothers houses and primary sponsorship of the ministries in Boechout and Tienen had been transferred to the sponsorship of the Brothers of Charity. Today, with the assistance of lay collaborators, the Samaritan House provides for the psychiatric needs of all peoples. The early history of the Alexian Brothers in Belgium is recorded in the third quarter of the 12th Century where they cared for the poor sick in the City of Liege.

The Sacred Heart Vice-Province - Ireland and England (Click to proceed to our Brothers in Ireland and England)

This province has houses in Manchester, Dublin, and Knock. The vice-province of the Sacred Heart was established in England in 1875 in Manchester. The activities of the Brothers today are to continue providing care for the elderly sick and physically handicapped through a nursing home and Day Centre; AIDS ministry and care and rehabilitation of homeless men; and support for people suffering from schizophrenia and manic depression. Being close to the Shrine for our Lady of Knock, the Brothers have extended accommodations and hospitality to pilgrims, both for individuals and for groups who are visiting the Shrine.  

Immaculate Conception Province: USA/Philippines/Hungary (Click to proceed to our Brothers in the North American Region)

The Alexian Brothers came to the United States in 1866 from Aachen, Germany. The American Province now sponsors and operates services in acute care and older adult ministries, i.e., residential and non- residential elderly care, with retirement centers, nursing centers, live-at-home services, respite care, and PACE Programs. They also work with the hungry and homeless, including providing transitional housing for the homeless with mental illness and/or HIV.

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