April 18, 2014

On this day in 1989, Alexian Brothers Childcare Center in Elk Grove Village, Illinois opened.

Welcome to the Congregation of Alexian Brothers of the Immaculate Conception Province - American Province

Filipino Community In Our Thoughts & Prayers

On behalf of the Alexian Brothers Congregation we ask for prayers for all who suffered the horrific typhoon in the Philippines.

We also ask you to keep in your prayers and thoughts the Alexian Brothers, their families and all God’s people the Brothers minister to that are suffering during this catastrophe.


Our Healing Mission: The History of the Alexian Brothers

The Congregation of Alexian Brothers is a lay, apostolic Catholic Order whose Brothers, bound together by religious vows, dedicate themselves primarily to live in community and to participate in the ministry of healing in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. For almost 800 years, the Alexian Brothers have cared for the sick, the aged, the poor and the dying.
The basic Judeo-Christian beliefs that inspired the founders of this Catholic religious congregation continue to sustain its ministry today. This heritage is espoused by the governance, management and entire health care team throughout the Alexian Brothers Health System in their mutual commitment to promote the physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being of all individuals served through the health care ministry.

Become a Brother

Let us pause for a moment and to take time to review the Religious Life Time Linecourtesy of VISION Vocation Guide, www.VocationGuide.org., to Pray for Vocations, and to pray for one another.

"Gracious and Loving God, let our hearts and minds become more alive so that the light that Jesus offers us shine more brightly in and through us and that our hearts' desires be more burning with greater love and compassion for You, for others and for the world."

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