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The Alexian Brothers' Vocation Challenge

Have you felt God's stirrings in your heart? Have you heard God's call inviting you to "Come and see....," that is, to see if living religious life is for you? If you have experienced God's great love for you and felt compelled to spend your life in a radical way of serving God and God's people through your life witness as a celibate person, committed to be actively involved in healing ministry, you are welcome to explore how you can make a difference in serving the sick and the elderly. You might be called to be a Brother in the Congregation of Alexian Brothers. Explore this vocation possibility by visiting our website to see who we are, to know how our Congregation has witnessed our lives to serving God's people, and to visit our ministry areas. Take time to answer some vocation questions and talk about your insights to your close friends or to somebody you trust.

If you feel touched by what you see and would like to find out more about the Alexian Brothers or to talk to our vocation ministers, you can contact us, by either sending us an email or filling up an inquiry form, or both, and they will personally contact you at their most convenient time. God's blessings on you and on your vocational discernment!

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