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Do you feel called to a life of commitment to serve God and neighbor?

Do you feel called to share your life with other men in community as they participate in Christ's ministry?

Few people are really aware of their vocational calling. It takes much reflection, information and discernment to know if religious life is truly the right vocational choice for you. We invite you to take time to reflect on the following vocation questions take them to prayer, and search within yourself for answers. We also suggest that you confer with your parish priest and Spiritual Director.

  1. What is your hearts desire? Is it to serve God through serving those in need?
  2. How is your prayer life helping you to grow in your awareness of God's presence in your personal life and in the life of others?
  3. Is there any compelling need to make a difference in your life and to be a part of something bigger, like a group that tries to make a difference in the world by their personal and communal witness?
  4. How do you work and participate in ministries?
  5. What is your over-all health condition? Are you physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually equipped to handle stress, conflicts, uncertainties and the ambiguities of life? How is your self-esteem and your self-discipline?
  6. How generous are you with your time and talents?
  7. Are you at the brink of making major life decisions?
  8. What is invoked in you when you think of a "Brother?"
  9. Do you have the capacity to live with others and to be an actively involved in life-giving endeavors?
  10. How do you value ethnic and racial diversities? How do you reverence the uniqueness of persons?
  11. What are your gifts, talents, interests? What are your limitations? What do you intend to bring to religious life, particularly into community living and ministry?
  12. How do you deal with conflicts, uncertainties and ambiguities in your life? How do you witness to make our world a better place? Are you an agent of peace and justice?

If you are drawn to seek answers to these questions, then we believe that God is beckoning you to enter religious life. We invite you to get to know us us and to discover what our Alexian Life has to offer you as a vowed religious living in the context of the healing ministry of Christ.

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