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The Alexian Brothers have Vocation Ministers who are always willing and available to respond to your questions and to assist you in your search for your vocational choices in life. In the U.S., Brother Patrick McCabe , C.F.A. and Zeke Mapa are the Associate Vocation Ministers. The Vocation Ministers for our mission areas in the Philippines and in Hungary are Brother Vincent Timbang, C.F.A. & Romie Duriman, CFA and Brother Alexius Siska C.F.A. respectively. Click here to connect to any of these Alexian Brothers Vocation Ministers.

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Prayer for Vocations

O Virgin of Nazareth, the "yes" spoken in youth marked your existence, and it grew as did your life itself. Mother of Jesus, in your free and joyful "yes" and in your active faith, so many generations have found inspiration and strength for welcoming the Word of God and for fulfilling His will. O Comforter of the afflicted, inspire the people of God to pronounce the "yes" in following a way of life dedicated to the sick. Help them to discover the hidden face of God in the heart of every person, especially the aged, dying and outcast in our society. Amen.

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