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Alexian Brothers Admission Requirements

The Alexian Brothers are looking for men who are between the ages of 20-55, who are Roman Catholics in good standing, and who are citizens of the United States or have permanent residency status in the United States. We readily accept older vocations, also termed late vocations or delayed vocations. These men should have a strong sense of being called to live in religious life, which means that they have felt the presence of Christ in their lives and have embraced seriously Christ's invitation to "Come and follow me..." This implies that they are now more committed to reach out to serve others, which in the case of those who are called to the Alexian Brothers, to serve the sick, the elderly, the unwanted, the unloved, the marginalized and the dying within the Brothers ministries. It is also presupposed that these men have a Spiritual Director who have known them for some time and have guided them in their vocational discernment process. These candidates should also show a stable history of holding a permanent job and should be debt-free. They do not dispose of any property or other holdings when they enter the first phase of formation as a postulant.

In summary, the Alexian Brothers require that men contemplating becoming an Alexian Brother have a strong and persistent desire to "know Christ more deeply, to love Christ more deeply, and to follow Christ more closely" in their personal lives. They should, therefore, manifest behaviors and actions that show how they embody the spirit of religious life. In particular, they should be creative and joyful in their intention to embrace the vows of poverty, celibacy and obedience, within the context of community living.

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