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Alexian Brothers mark milestones, energizing Province as it looks ahead!

Published Thursday, November 16, 2017

An Alexian Brother in the Philippines has professed Life Vows, and two Alexian Brothers novices in the United States have professed their First Vows, as the Immaculate Conception Province of the Congregation of Alexian Brothers continues to register progress in its efforts to attract new men.

Superior General Brother Lawrence Krueger, C. F. A., (right) presides as Brother Vincent Timbang, C.F.A., professes his Life Vows during a Mass at the Carmelite Monastery Church in the Bajada Section of Davao City in the Philippines. 

Brother Vincent Ferrer Timbang, C.F.A., professed his Life Vows on July 17, the Feast of St. Alexius, during a Mass at the Carmelite Monastery Church in the Bajada section of Davao City in the Philippines. A day earlier, Novice Brothers Jeffrey Weeden and Frederick “Torch” Acosta professed their First Vows during a Mass in the chapel at St. Alexius Hospital (formerly known as Alexian Brothers Hospital) in St. Louis.

“It’s exciting and energizing for everyone in our province to see Vincent, Jeffrey and Torch mark these milestones,” said Brother Dan McCormick, C.F.A., Provincial of the Immaculate Conception Province. “They are remarkably gifted men, and the future of our province is bright.”

Reverend Father Leonie España, D.C.D., a priest at San Antonio de Padua Parish in Bajada, presided at Brother Vincent’s Mass, assisted by Reverend Father Allan Rodriguez, D.C.D., a chaplain at the Alexian Brothers Health & Wellness Center in Davao City, and four other priests.

Brother Lawrence Krueger, C.F.A., superior general of the Congregation of Alexian Brothers, received Brother Vincent’s vows during the Mass. In attendance were Brother Vincent’s parents, Fidel and Erlina Timbang, his four siblings, and other family members. Also attend- ing were fellow Alexian Brothers, staff and employees from the Alexian Brothers Health & Wellness Center, people with whom Brother Vincent has worked at the Alexian Brothers Outreach Ministry, San Pedro Hospital, San Pedro College and the Balay Pasilungan Foundation, members of other religious orders, and neighbors and friends.

During his homily, Reverend Father Leonie expressed his gratitude to Brother Vincent’s parents for allowing him to serve God as a religious brother. Reverend Father Leonie said religious life can be difficult and full of trials, but through the grace of God members of religious orders can persevere and remain faithful to their commitment. Brother Vincent, he added, is an example of God's grace.

Brother Vincent, who has a Bachelors Degree in secondary education, worked as mathematics and science teacher in a private school before joining the Alexian Brothers in 2010.

Reverend Father Damien Dougherty, O.F.M., officiated at the Mass during which Brother Jeffrey and Brother Torch professed their First Vows. Brother Dan McCormick, C.F.A., Provincial of the Immaculate Conception Province, spoke before the end of the Mass, describing Brother Jeffrey and Brother Torch as men who want to follow Jesus Christ by living and praying in community and by caring for the most vulnerable and unwanted in society.

Brother Jeffrey and Brother Torch joined the Alexian Brothers as postulants in January 2015 and entered the novitiate in St. Louis in July 2015.

Before joining the Alexian Brothers, Brother Jeffrey worked in health and human services, including direct-care, supervisory and coordination positions in programs for people with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries. He also worked in real estate as a buyer’s agent. Brother Jeffrey years ago began writing poetry to express his inner feelings about his spiritual journey, and he continues to do so today.

Brother Torch earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Technology from Western Illinois University. Before joining the Alexian Brothers, he worked in the land surveying industry for 24 years in the Chicago area and Austin, Texas. An avid runner, the Beech Park, Illinois native also enjoys tennis, languages, crossword puzzles and cats.

Brother Jeffrey and Brother Torch have been assigned to the Alexian Brothers Community in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, where they are working to develop an Alexian Brothers presence at multiple AMITA Health Alexian Brothers Health System ministry sites.

Brother Jeffrey Weeden, C.F.A., (left), and Brother Frederick “Torch” Acosta, C.F.A., (right), join the STL Community for a photo after professing their First Vows during a Mass in the chapel at St. Alexius Hospital (formerly known as Alexian Brothers Hospital) in St. Louis. Shown above are the following Alexian Brothers, (left to right) Brother Warren Longo, CFA, Brother Jeffrey Callander, CFA, Brother Patrick McCabe, CFA, Brother Daniel McCormick, CFA, Brother Thomas Keusenkothen, CFA, Brother Edward Walsh, CFA, and Brother Tom Klein, CFA.


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