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In our post modern world, the Alexian Brothers have continued to live out their charism by being passionately involved in Christ's healing mission to the sick and the elderly. Despite the many challenges that have threatened the existence of many Catholic Health Care Institutions, the Alexian Brothers have never wavered and never stopped sponsoring ministries to care for others.

Alexian Brothers Health System

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Alexian Brothers Housing & Health Alliance

The Alexian Brothers were the among the first few religious congregations who responded to the epidemic and who opened their community house for people living with AIDS to accompany them in their final moments. Transitional care offers holistic supportive services, like case management, recovery, occupational therapy, psycho-social support groups, i.e., HIV-support, sobriety and life skill support, and spiritual care.

  • Bonaventure House - opened its doors in March of 1989 and has now continue to exist as a transitional home and a resource center for people living with AIDS who need counseling and an array of supportive services.
  • The Harbor - The Harbor, like Bonaventure House, is a transitional living facility that provides a structured and supportive living environment for people living with AIDS/HIV with the goal of providing them with resources that would assist them transition into the mainstream of life.
  • Bettendorf Place - Alexian Brothers Housing and Health Alliance's first facility on the South Side of Chicago. Bettendorf Place provides permanent supportive housing for men and women with qualifying disabilities.

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