Alexian Brothers


The Alexian Brothers charism states that we, as a community of vowed religious men, live a life rooted in prayer and simple lifestyle.

As a community, we gather twice a day for prayer (The Liturgy of the Hours) and daily Mass. We usually eat breakfast and dinner together and frequently recreate together in the evening.

Each Brother also takes time daily for private prayer, reading, and reflection. Postulants and Novices take two days a month for retreats. Professed Brothers take a week-long retreat every year.

We support each other to strengthen our dedication to work in our various ministries. We share our spiritual and ministerial lives and the challenges they raise.

We believe that our community life lives out Gospel values as written in the Acts of the Apostles. Our Postulants and Novices have ample resources through professed Brothers to adjust to, and learn to love and live in a community lifestyle setting.

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