Alexian Brothers

Seal of the Congregation of the Alexian Brothers

The seal of the Congregation is divided into three fields. In each field is a symbolic representation of the end or work of the Institute.

The upper half shows on a red background the Pelican nourishing its young with her heart's blood - a symbol of the self-consuming sacrifice of Christian Charity.

The two spades on the black background, in the lower half, is a remembrance of former activity of the Alexian Brothers in burying the dead in time of calamity.

The flying raven on a silver-gray background represents the feeding of the destitute, a virtue the Congregation has practiced for centuries.

From the back of the shield projects the cross, indicating that in the cross is salvation. Inscribed on the band are the words of St. Paul:

"Caritas Christi Urget Nos"
"The Love of Christ Compels Us"

© 2017 Congregation of Alexian Brothers. Pencil

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