Alexian Brothers

Mission Statement for the Immaculate Conception Province

Strengthened by community, prayer, commitment to the poor and the legacy of our founders, and in partnership with others, we Alexian Brothers witness the Healing Christ by a holistic approach to promoting health and caring for the sick, dying, aged, and unwanted of all socio-economic levels.

Philosophy of our Institutions

The Congregation of Alexian Brothers participates in the healing ministry of Christ within the Catholic Church. Empowered by gospel values, we Alexian Brothers sponsor institutions and services dedicated to his healing ministry. With trustees and administrators chosen because they share our commitment toward those most in need, we witness God's concern for humanity by our vigilant care of each individual. As we continue to define our goals of care in each community we serve, we promise support to those trustees and administrators who participate in our ministry. Together, we will work to embody the Articles of Faith.

Articles of Faith

We believe that life is a sacred gift from God. Each person is created in the divine image with a right of conscience and from conception until death is called to eternal union with God.
We believe that we share a responsibility according to our resources to promote health, to enhance the quality of life, and to secure justice in our pluralistic society.
We believe that the promotion of health, quality of life, and justice implies a holistic response to the needs of all those whose lives we touch.
We believe that each person who shares in the management and delivery of care has the responsibility to foster a supportive climate of cooperation and service in which the dignity of the person is respected and communicated.
We believe that the needs of the whole person, physical, spiritual and psycho-social are to be evaluated and responded to according to professional and institutional standards of excellence.
We believe that to develop the human potential is fundamental to insuring health and well-being and is consistent with Christian values. It is an obligation in justice to have and to develop competent and caring staff and personnel to serve in our ministries.
We believe that as members of the Church, we are committed to the values and principles expressed and/or implied in the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Facilities as approved by the National Conference of Bishops (11-19-71)
We believe that cooperation among the Alexian Brothers, civic and Church authorities, and those in partnership with our mission is essential.
We believe that it it s necessary for all who collaborate with us in Catholic Health care to be professionally competent and to have an understanding of our philosophy and mission and the five core values of compassion, care of the poor, dignity of the person, holism and partnership. Therefore, education to this end is essential.

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