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Alexian Brothers Provincial Archives Policy Statement

I.        Purpose
The purpose of Alexian Brothers Provincial Archives  ("Archives") is to collect, organize, preserve, and make available the inactive records of permanent historical value of the Congregation of Alexian Brothers, Immaculate Conception Province ("Province") and its ministries. Historical value is defined as the evidential value of a record-the evidence it contains on the organization, functions, and activities of its creating body over time, as well as the informational importance of records-what it tells us about the persons, places, things, conditions, and problems with which the body dealt.

The Archives serves and supports the activities of the Province by making available information and documentation from the religious and institutional records in the collection. For senior members, the Archives serves as a reminder of their years of fruitful service, and gives them an assurance that their work is continuing. For younger members, archival materials provide knowledge of the Province's heritage, an appreciation for the dedication and sacrifice of those who preceded them, an incentive to keep alive and viable the motivating spirit which marks one as an Alexian Brother.

II.        Authority
The Provincial Senate established the Provincial Archives by formal action on December 14, 1973. The Archivist has access to all records of both the Province and the corporate entities to identify, appraise, acquire, and take steps for the physical care and preservation of inactive, permanent records that have historical value. The Province has ultimate authority over the holdings of the Archives.

Material acquired by the Archives is subject to archival appraisal and becomes its property to be administered as the Archivist determines, subject to the authority delegated by the Province. The Archives will reserve the right to dispose of material deemed non-archival.  Material processed into the Archives becomes a permanent part of its collections.

III.       Authority and Position of Archivist

The Archives shall be under the direction of an archivist who has the authority to acquire, arrange and describe, take preservation measures, and provide access to the collection, and will perform these duties based on sound archival principles, and in conformance with ABA Policy 106, "Provincial Archives." 

The archivist conducts internal research for and provides reference assistance on records within Archives to the Congregation of Alexian Brothers. Independent researchers will be assisted on specific questions or research topics subject to the conditions stated in the Policy on Access and Use.

The archivist reports to the Provincial of the Immaculate Conception Province.

IV.       Collection Policy
Records, historical materials, and artifacts of lasting historical or institutional significance that are created or received through the official activities of the Province, and serve to document the organization, functions, policies and procedures, major decisions or other significant activities will be accessioned by the Archives. Such items are not to be discarded, transferred or otherwise disposed of except as provided by state and federal laws and the general rules of the institutions without consulting the archivist. Non-archival materials which are transferred to the Archives will be destroyed.

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