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Alexian Brothers Ministry Museum

A valuable adjunct to the Archives is the Ministry Museum. The artifacts presented here make the records come alive. These have been, and continue to be, gathered from the Alexian Brothers ministry sites and missions and are part of permanent and temporary exhibits.

As a religious community, and at the same time a participant in a widely publicized ministry of health care with a rich historical tradition of over 700 years, the artifacts serve to remind us of the past and of the work that has gone on for centuries. The pieces are tangible evidence of the ministry of the Congregation. Most of the items on display have real meaning to our viewers, particularly the many people who have been associated with the Alexian Brothers.

Environmental aspects of temperature, humidity, and lighting must be monitored, and measures must be taken to ensure the safety and security of the items. Artifacts must be accessioned, cataloged, cleaned, preserved, stored and displayed appropriately. Care must be taken to protect the artifacts from air pollution, dust, and the vapors produced by paints, solvents, building materials, carpeting, adhesives, etc. In addition, conservation work and research on individual items can be undertaken to improve the quality and usefulness of the collection.

Some of the items in these photographs have been preserved and are on display in the Ministry Museum.

ABH, Chicago Chapel 1937

ABH, Chicago Lobby 1940s

ABH, St. Louis Laboratory 1915

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