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The Congregation of Alexian Brothers is a lay, apostolic Catholic Order whose Brothers, bound together by religious vows, dedicate themselves primarily to live in community and to participate in the ministry of healing in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. For almost 800 years, the Alexian Brothers have cared for the sick, the aged, the unloved, the unwanted, the poor, and the dying. The basic Judeo-Christian beliefs that inspired the founders of this Catholic religious congregation continue to sustain its ministry today.


I Am An Alexian Brother

I am an Alexian Brother. I am a man as human and as sinful as any other man. However, I am a man with an experience of God. I have been touched by Christ, moved by His Word and Deed, particularly His Healing Word and His Healing Deeds of Love. I feel called in a special way to share the peace and joy which He gives me. I feel especially called to share His "Good News" with the sick and the poor through participation in His Healing Ministry.

I am an Alexian Brother. I am not alone, but belong to a community of men within the Church who feel similarly touched, moved and called by Christ. Together, we are committed to Christ through a life of fraternal love, prayer and service to the sick.

I am an Alexian Brother. I have taken seriously Jesus' words, "Come follow me" by freely vowing Poverty, Chasttity and Obedience. I pray for the grace of total giving of myself in all things that He may work in me and that His Healing Love and Concern may come through me. I believe in His Power working through me. I listen to His Word. I believe in the healing power of kind words and deeds.

I am an Alexian Brother. I have special concern for the sick, the poor and the unwanted. I see these qualities as gifts from God -- special talents given to me personally. I see these qualities as gifts from my brothers through the legacy of hundreds of Alexians who have gone before me. Like them, I want to respond in a healing way to the brokenness of the world in which I live. I want to be present sharing my faith in special service to others, reflecting God's Healing Care and Message. This involves a continuous openness on my part to meet the Lord in all things. I believe that His Word is alive and active here and now.

I am an Alexian Brother. All of the above: my experience of God, my response to His Love and Call, my being touched by Him -- all these make me a radiating power. Through faithfulness to my commitment and enthusiasm toward what is best in me and in others, I become a living symbol and sign of the Lord, His Care and Concern for the wholeness of man.

I am an Alexian Brother. I am a radiating power, an influence -- sometimes in obvious ways, sometimes in hidden ways. I affect my brothers. I affect the people with whom I work. Here and now, I influence people, institutions, and the world around me. Through faithfulness to my call, my presence reflects Christ's Words and Deeds either knowingly or unknowingly.

I am an Alexian Brother.

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